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Precision Granite Castings, Mineral Castings, Cast Iron Castings and Polymer Concrete.

Granitek Limited is a manufacturing company offering components in precision granite castings and cast iron castings.

Precision Granite Castings are best described as synthetic granite castings, produced by a mixture of reactable resin and hardener system with certain crushed granite aggregates. This material is also know as 'Polymer Concrete' as it forms an exceptionally strong solid material composed from a loose aggregate set into a binding medium. As with ordinary concrete polymer concrete can be moulded into any shape or form in its pre-set state. When cured polymer concrete is much harder than conventional concrete and exhibits all of the material properties of hard granite.

The synthetic granite process was developed by Studer AG, Thun in Switzerland for use in their production of high precision grinding machines.

Under a business agreement with Rank Taylor Hobson (1986), this process was used to manufacture bases, columns and tables for their business of high precision instruments. A management buy-out from Taylor Hobson in 1997, incorporating this process, formed the company of Granitek Limited.

By using Granitek Precision Granite Castings, and polymer concrete you will be incorporating nature's oldest raw material, Granite, with a modern additive, resin and hardener, to give a perfect solution to your machine structure.


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