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Granitek Grout

A mixture of resin and hardener mixed with granite chippings and granite dust, kernel size no larger than 6 mm. Granitek Limited, use their grout to bond structures together to eliminate the need of expensive machining and to make large structures more manageable. This process can be used with large gaps between the structures (up to 15 mm, but ideally 2 to 4 mm), bonding strength will be as good, if not higher, than the base material, once cured (after 24 hours).

Some examples of typical applications are as follows:
Adaptation of machined components in final geometry to the base structure.
Fitting columns to bases, to final geometry.
Fitting machine components to base, column for best load transmissions.
Isolation of live components.

The advantages are quite distinctive like:
High end accuracy
Excellent load bearing
High noise absorption
Almost 100% support function

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