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Jointing Coatings

Coatings for joint faces are used to adapt and fit machine components, ensuring the highest demands of accuracy. These are also used as high load capacity adhesives. Coating faces allow machine parts to be fitted and adjusted to one another to micron accuracies without the need for labour intensive scraping operations. The high static strength combined with the fact that there is almost 100% contact between faces so that forces areproperly transmitted.

Typical examples are:
Adaptation of machined components in final geometry to the base structure.
Fitting of hardened guide-ways ensuring best shape and load transmission.
Fitting of column to base structure to final geometry (small gaps 2 to 4 mm).
Bearing surfaces for spindle units.
Fitting machine components to base and column for best load transmission.
Isolation of live components.

Advantages are quite distinctive:
High accuracy and excellent load bearing
High load carrying capacity and almost 100% support function
Exact precision (within micron range), without the need for expensive preparation and finishing.

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