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Slide-way Coatings

Slide-way coatings are used for the production of guide-ways and sliding surfaces. Originally developed to be applied on machine tools, however, today, they are found in a whole range of industry sectors as e.g., heavy machinery, printing machinery, optical applications, photo-imaging, measuring, inspection and many other original equipment manufacturers.

Apart from the highest technical properties, forming to size techniques, is offering a great variety of alternatives for a cost saving production of surfaces in most differing designs.

Slide-way coating can be produced without the need for expensive machining and scraping. Slides, bushes or other wear parts can be produced repeatedly with the same close tolerance using a master fixture, guaranteeing and inter-changeability not achieved by any other means.

Typical examples are:
Machine Tools, Hydrostatic, Aerostatic guide-ways.
Forming accurate surfaces for printing, pre-press, papermaking and other machines.
Forming of bushes, spindle bores, bearing housings etc.
Pump housing wear surfaces, blade surfaces and alignment surfaces.

Advantages are quite distinctive:
Low co-efficient of friction
High accuracy, anti-stick, anti slip properties
High damping effect
Almost eliminates seizing
High wear resistance
Excellent adhesion
Interchangeability when forming from a master

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