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Steel Fabrication Fill

Steel fabricated base structures and columns often prove not stiff enough statically and dynamically, taken into consideration the demands for increased performance of today's machines.

It is also true to say that Precision Granite Castings may not be economical, because of small production runs as moulds could be expensive, or several other technical constraints.

In this case an expensive method of filling the welded fabrication with Granitek material is used to give the advantages, as you would expect from a Precision Granite Casting.

Advantages gained by filling welded fabrications are,

  • Excellent vibration damping and noise reduction
  • Very good bonding to metal surfaces
  • Extremely low shrinkage during curing process
  • Co-efficient of thermal expansion aligned to steel
  • High static, dynamic stiffness
  • Reduced steel thickness needed
  • Saving on expensive ribbing

Typical examples

1 off prototypes
Low production runs
Constantly changing structures

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